Bobby Herron Memorial Fund

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The Impact Movement is eternally grateful for the life and legacy of Bobby Herron. A visionary and pioneering missionary, Bobby dedicated his life to mobilizing Black students for global missions believing the Christian witness of African Americans was critically needed in the field. His slogan, “People of Color Serving a World of Color” inspired students to join him on mission to the continent of Africa. Now, years after Bobby’s departure from Impact, students continue to make the journey. Although we mourn his passing, we also celebrate and commit to continuing his work. In honor of his ministry, we have established the Bobby Herron Memorial Fund. In lieu of flowers, the Herron family is inviting those who knew and loved Bobby to give to the Impact Movement in his name, so that many more students would answer the call to missions.

Make a contribution to The Impact Movement in honor of Bobby Herron.

*All contributions to The Impact Movement are income tax-deductible and are made with the understanding that The Impact Movement has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.*