Tips to Host a Great Live Broadcast Watch Party!

Promote this upcoming event and host a watch party! Download card here.

The Impact Movement will host its very first Impact pre-conference Live Broadcast September 26, 2012 at 8pm-9pm EST! The event will be hosted by Rebecca Gilmer and promotes the next national conference, Impact12, which takes place December 28, 2012 through January 1, 2013 in the beautiful city of New Orleans. The preview will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a life-changing venue proven to reach youth and young adults since 1991. Featured guests include interviews with Pastor Keith Battle, President Charles Gilmer and Mali Music, and live performances from Level 3:16 and University Gospel Choirs! Learn more about the conference now.


Commit this event to the Lord and ask him to lead you in planning this Watch Party.

Ask him to expose thousands of people to The Impact Movement as a result of this Impact Movement pre-conference Live Broadcast Watch Party.


By September 14, 2012 choose a place for The Impact Movement Live Broadcast Watch Party (dorm room, home, church, etc).

Decide how many people you will invite to your Watch Party. 


Spread the word about The Impact Movement pre-conference Live Broadcast and your Watch Party! Send out your invitations and be creative:

  • Use this postcard to promote the event
  • Set up an Evite
  • Tweet about it
  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Be as fun as you want in letting others know about the broadcast and your Impact Movement pre-conference Live Broadcast Watch Party.


Find a “tech team” of friends to help show the broadcast at your location. You will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Laptops to chat with Impact12 speakers and musical artists
  • Projector screen to display the online broadcast
  • Projector equipment,  and speakers for the sound. For best audio quality use a cable connecting to the headphone jack of your computer and plug into professionally powered speakers. Make sure that the screen and sound is adequate for amount of people viewing the broadcast.


  • Choose an official emcee (for groups of 10 or more)
  • Assemble a hospitality team to secure snacks and beverages for guests to enjoy while they watch The Impact Movement pre-conference Live Broadcast.
  • If your church is sponsoring the party, as soon as possible, create a budget and submit a request to the finance team for funding to cover the refreshments.
  • If your Impact Movement college chapter is hosting the Watch Party and you receive funding from your school, submit a request to use some of your funding to cover the refreshments.
  • Encourage people to register for the conference immediately after The Impact Movement pre-conference Live Broadcast.  Have laptops available for people to register at Give them a conference postcard as they leave.


  • Create a Watch Party schedule.
  • Establish the time you will arrive at your Watch Party location to set up, test your technology and have refreshments ready for guests. We suggest arriving two to three hours in advance and be ready at 7:15pm Eastern Standard Time to welcome your guests.
  • Make your Watch Party an attractive event:

1. Invite a local gospel choir, spoken word artist or dancer to perform between the 7:30pm to 7:45pm time slot, leading up as an opening act for the broadcast.

2. Ask someone who has attended a conference to share their conference story to build momentum for the main event!


  • The pre-conference Live Broadcast will air at 8pm Eastern Standard Time! Please adjust your regional times (i.e. 7pm Central Time, 6pm Mountain Time, 5pm Pacific Time).
  • Register now for Impact12! The most effective way to encourage others to attend Impact12 in New Orleans this December is to register yourself. If you’re not registered yet, head to
  • At the end of the Live Broadcast, have a Question and Answer time at your Watch Party. Close out the time with prayer and Impact12 conference registration!

Follow the latest Impact Facebook posts and @impactmove on Twitter for details about The Impact Movement pre-conference Live Broadcast September 26th.



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